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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 11, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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chopper. and big blow, buster posey grand slam off latos. giants explode for six runs and jump out to a 6-0 lead. cincinnati fights back, two on the bottom of the fifth. ryan ludwig, solo bomb in the sixth. 7th inning, ludwig back to the mound. there is same deal in the 8th. there is a low liner to center. angel pagan, have no fear, angel is here. sliding catch to end the threat. romos strikes out scott rowland to end it. 6-4, the final giants advance to the national league championship series. >> we barely hung on. tore tune is back here, i guess. but what happened here i couldn't be prouder of a bunch of guys to do what they did. i mean that is quite a tais being. it's going against all odds.
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they found a way to get it done. >> i told myself to see the ball. i was able to get a pitch in the zone. and got the barrel on it. good things happen. >> good things happen indeed. the giants become the first national league team to win a division series after losing the first two games. they move on to national league championship series for the second time in three seasons. who will they face? giants waiting on the winner of the cardinals-nationals series. washington tied that series this afternoon. game five of that series is tomorrow. >> just can't stand it. it's so great. and larry, thank you so much. let's head out to giants ballpark now with more reaction from fans. abc 7 news is there. celebrations continue, wayne. >> i can't believe we just watched it. it was on television. it was on television. the best line of the day came from a 32-year-old woman
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watching the game saying she felt weighs--she was 57 years old. you come to watch with other people for the shared experience. they got one. >> you're about to watch a group of ordinary baseball fans trance formed. this morning with ready made excuse. >> we worked very late last night. >> i'm emotionally invested in this. >> we had grown member in -- men in uniforms. >> grown men sporting faish hair it was a goatee going into playoffs. >> we had women with, well... >> do you know of any other sport that is as superstitious? >> one thing we did not have, a run, and is anyone going to score a run? >> i hope so. if a question can unlock bats and open a flood gate of runs that must be it. before we knew what happened giants scored all six of the
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runs in the 5th. hard to believe how calm they were just minutes ago. hard to believe after losing at home owe, many fans let the giants forget. >> one out. >> through the rest of the day, joy with tension and torture. and that is a final out. complete. you would think with all that yelling and screaming the giants had won the world series. at least the pennent. it's the first series of the playoffs there are two more to win a world series again. but when we came out of the public house and hon to streets here, horns were honking and people, shouting. it was bedlam. i guess it's baseball fear. what is that line?
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deja vu all over again? we have it. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> i was chatting with my mailman today he was listening and beside himself with excitement. the giants got it done. let's hope a's can do the same tonight. laura anthony is live. i know fans there are psyched. >> they are. and they're also here in oakland tipping caps to giants and their fans and they're of course hoping to do the same thing tonight. if the a's do go on to next series, a's management made an announcement here in oakland, they will let more people in. >> whether due to public pressure or supply and demand oakland a's announced tarps will come off, some on the third deck if the team makes it to american league championship series reporting a winning team on the field. look what it brings. die hard fans to support them.
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>> the move would accommodate 11,000 more fans increasing capacity to 37,000 people. >> go, a's baby. >> those who have tickets for game five plan to be just as rowdy. and loud as last night. >> we don't play on the field. but whatever fans can give, whatever energy, vibes, positive love, we're going to give. >> not being arrogant. but we're thinking about it all the time. what is wrong with thinking we're going to make it to the world series? that is the name of the game. keep on, keep on. and don't stop. >> many fans are scooping up tickets for the next round. >> good luck to giants. they won. i hope they meet them there. it's going to be great. i hope it's 89. >> without the earthquakes? absolutely. >> and a's fans planning to
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make sure this place is shaking tonight. and once again, as they have for past nights if you're coming out here tonight you should probably be already on your way. if you're not, get in the car. this isn't the only game here tonight. the warriors also playing an exhibition game tonight for parking that will be very tight. >> thank you very much. and a's tell us that they tell abc 7 fan support played a huge part in helping team keep up mow meant wrum. sky 7 is live right now with those fans arriving. our mike shumann is on the ground with the latest. hey, shu. >> this is what professional athletes live for. championship game that determine whether you get a step closer to the world series or go home for the winter. a's, and detroit about 90 minutes away. fans jazzed from last night.
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start at bottom nine, josh redic first hit of the game. there is a double and ties the game that ended with coco chris walk off base hit. 15th walk off win of the year, series tied at two apiece today, players warming up, a's loose. there is josh redic throwing a football with teammates. they know now pressure may go to tigers. >> you've got to think the pressure switches to detroit. they've lost two straight. >> yeah. they've got their best pitcher on the mound as do we. it's going to be an interesting game. we know we've got a battle. he threw a heck of a game over there. home fully, home field advantage will be there for us. >> the same as we've been. it's been the same thing here last three games. we know we have to win. so... you don't go any farther than today's game. that is the way we'll remain.
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>> tonight's game will feature same pitching match up as game one. of course we're hoping for a different result. mc hammer throwing out the first pitch. we know a's are too legit to qismt let's hope they move on and maybe we'll get another bay bridge series. >> that would be spectacular, thank you so much. there are great fan pictures to show you. look at the young fans sporting team gear, there is a young giants fan. take a look at that. happy as can be today. please send us your favorite pictures. >> blue sky there. no thunderstorms tonight. the bay area is experiencing isolated showers, could affect the a's game. spencer christian is here to pinpoint where tonight that the a's could see rain. >> could be damp out there. we don't expect a rainout.
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there is a look at areas of showers around the bay area right now. we have sprinkles outside of our studios here just minutes ago down near half moon bay there is an area of shower activity there. is a line of showers into the east bay now reaching towards concord and lafayette. near oakland. there is hayward, so scattered light showers around the bay area now. they could be more widely scattered and more prominent later into evening hours, so far, game time tonight between 6:30 and 9:30, roughly. we expect a chance of sprinkles and or light showers that will be cool. temperatures into 50s and i don't think that will bother a's too much. >> and let's move on now. bones being tested in a virginia lab could provide at least two bay area families with information about their missing girls. abc 7 news reporter nick smith is live with the story. nick?
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>> investigators say that testing the bone fragments could take weeks but the family of michaela garecht have been waiting for answers since 1988. >> i just want to find her and bring her home whether alive or whether she's not. >> sharon has been looking for answers about the disappearance of her daughter michaela since the 9-year-old vanished in 1988. vetments may tie her disappearance to speed freak killers. >> michaela was a chichld i ignored that investigation all along. >> this week, she learned a bone found at the site where wesley sherman tin and lauren herzyog buried victims is a child's bone. >> if this is michaela, then it breaks my heart she's laying in that place all of this time. >> she was last seen here,
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she'd gone to the store. police say a man grabbed her and drove away. missing posters still hang with images as she was 24 years ago. and how she may look now. the bones found in a sierra foot hills well where bodies were dump bid so called speed freak killers and tested by a family they had been returned to. they learned the bones did not belong to their daughter. >> if this turns out to be michaela i will owe it to them. >> i can think of three cases from the 88 era. >> police point out there is another girl who went missing at the time. eileen michelleoff was 13 years old when abducted in dublin, january, 1989, only two months after michaela. one of the bones within those remains were determined to be belonging to a child. >> several possible outcomes to a mystery that is unfolding. each clue giving families
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opportunities for answers and possible closure. >> i have lived this way my whole life. i don't know how to live any other way. >> police tell me that they are waiting to learn more about they reach out to the family of eileen michelleoff. michaela's mother says when you have a missing child you look anywhere. after 24 years she may be closer to getting answers. >> and a long time, nick, thank you. >> coming up, new research shows stroke victims are getting younger, we're going to take a look at leading reasons behind this health trend. >> is it magic? or science? a tv series comes to the tech museum to answer age-old question. >> and last a planet could be a girl's best friend. the news continues in one minute. >> is t
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we're less than an hour away from tonight's debate against joe biden and challenger paul ryan. there is a lot of anticipation how the vice president and congressman from wisconsin could gain or lose momentum from their ticket. tonight's debate is not likely to have a big impact on poll. >> in this case, we don't expect it to affect the race at this point. it might help the democrats recover from the president's poor performance last week but you never know. we might have a surprise or a gaffe out of this. that keeps things exciting, i guess. >> the moderator is martha radic, a senior correspondent for abc news, you can see the debate tonight at 6:00. after that, new drama last resort at 8:00 followed by jeopardy, wheel of fortune.
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then you're going see a special fren taigs of abc's what would you do followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> join us tonight. pg&e and oakland public works department say they will begin swapping out older street lights with new energy efficient lampes. this is part of an effort to make streets safer and lower energy costs in the city. 241 street lights will be upgraded in several areas chosen by police including international boulevard near 98th avenue. mcarthur boulevard and international near 73rd avenue and city officials hope better lighting will help deter crime. >> do you get wetter running or walking through rain? there is a burning question for a exhibit at the tech museum, myth busters is showing off experiments disproving common beliefs such as what side hits the ground if you drop a slice of bred
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with one side buttered and trying to change into a super hero in a phone booth. it's here for kids and for adult. >> you'll see a kid start experimenting and the adult watches their child then they're like wait a minute. i figured this out. get out of the way. let me try this. >> well, here is one more test you can try. you probably won't be allowed to do that at home. myth busters opens on saturday. >> i wasn't allowed to do it home but tried it once. >> you're not allowed to, ever again. >> right. let's talk about the weather. there is a little bit of rain around the bay. >> yes. showers becoming more wide spread now. they're on the light side. you can see how dreary outside now from our wide view from our south beach camera looking eastward clouds have been thick and dark and low. we do have wet spots. here is a look at live doppler 7. there are areas of showers on
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the increase right now. let's take a look at san jose. there are shower activity towards santa cruz mountains and santa cruz itself and farther south. north of this area of showers there is some wet weather and spots on the peninsula and higher up across the east bay now around fremont there are light showers. an area of wet weather now pushing to the east bay and towards san leandro, becoming more wide spread. light showers at the moment. temperatures now into 50s though 60s in antioch. 61 in morgan -- mountain view, rather. how much cooler now than at this time yesterday? well, 18 degrees cooler in san rafael. big 24 hour change, 17 degrees koomer in santa rosa and fairfield. and there is 15 degrees cooler redwood city. owe unusually cool weather. sprinkles and light showers
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continuing overnight tonight. it will be partly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon and a sunnier pattern developing this weekend. satellite shows that low that brought us instability pushing into southern california now. with this counterclockwise circulation there is wrap around moisture and showers coming at us from the east. let's start at 7:00 this evening, we'll see light scattered showers continuing into evening hours and into early morning hours. perhaps becoming more wide spread by beginning of rush hour at 5:00. but then, later in the day showers dissipating and clouds start to break up. becoming sunnier into afternoon hours. but then, continuing overnight tomorrow night into saturday there is a system moving north. it should stay to our north meaning we will not get rainfall out of the system. we can expect warmer conditions on saturday. and warmer still, on sunday. overnight tonight showery.
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sprinkley and cool with lows into low to mid 50s and cooler up into north bay. some locations will see lows dropping into upper 40s. then, tomorrow, lots of clouds around and sunnier into afternoon. still much cooler than average for this time of the year. high temperatures tomorrow into mid-60s in most locations. inland east bay where we expect upper 70s this time of the year and south near monterey bay there is a similar picture of clouds in the morning. there is cooler high temperatures into low to mid-60s near the bay. high temperatures mid-60s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a more significant warm up beginning on sunday. and there is mid to upper 80s inland by tuesday and wednesday. thursday niners take on seattle seahawks will be a summer like evening. not too late to win $49,000
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from abc 7. these people want a chance to win. there is sheri from san jose. they've entered a sweeps stakes through our facebook page. the winner announced here on abc 7 thursday, october 18th. you can enter, too. go to facebook and click win $49,000 button. you can enter details to have a chance to win $49,000. good luck. >> yes. getting close now. >> yes. >> spencer some international news, outrage after a 14-year-old girl is shot in pakistan. >> the author of the kite runner shares a reaction on the first
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the author of the book "kite runner" is saddened by the taliban shooting of a 14-year-old pakistani school girl. he sees the same taliban hostility against women and girls in his homeland. the taliban came to a school attacking her on a bus with a bullet to the head. >> this young lady's crime was to basically blog about her desire for freed free education and criticism of the taliban imposing their will and trying to prevent young girls from being educated we've seen a troshus acts committed against young girls who want nothing more than just to go to school and enjoy the same rights as anyone around the world. >> vigils are being held as she fights for her life. the united nations announced a day of the girl child today and condemned the attack on her. >> a study shows a risk of suffering a stroke is increasing in younger adults.
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researchers found the rate of strokes in people ages 20-54 jumped almost 50% over 10 years pointing to greater risk factors like smoking, diabetes and hypertension. these findings are pubbished online. the doctor at the center of the lance armstrong doping scandal could face charges in itally. an investigator is wrapping up the investigation of up to 70 people, including about 20 professional athletes. armstrong is not part of the probe. he was banned by the italian cycling federation in 2002 for distributing drugs with athletes he worked with. >> and just ahead, scientists may have found the brightest star in the universe. >> a ne
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join me tonight at 9:00,
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coming up then... >> we've looked at 30 properties. >> if you're thinking about buying a home, get a move on. the supply is dwindling across the state. we have that story. then at 11:00 the vice presidential debate. it's starting in about a half hour, tonight trending tweets that will be part of the national conversation. >> and planet bling, huh? could be the newest planet in our solar system. >> and scientists at yale say they have uncovered what they're calling a diamond planet it doesn't look like that, does it? it's twice the size of earth and 40 light years away. >> according to findings the surface is likely covered in graphite and diamonds rather than water and granite. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is next. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of


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